10 Mistakes Buyers Should Avoid

1. Making an offer on a home without being prequalified
This means that before you begin searching for your next real estate purchase you should consult with a lender to determine the price range that best meets your financial needs. Often times loan programs have requirements that the property must meet to be purchased with that specific type of loan.

2. Not having a home inspection
A trained eye can lend valueable insight to the present and future concerns of a specific property.

3. Limiting your search to open houses, ads or the internet
Purchasing a home is a big decision open houses or ads only let you see a small faction of the homes and options available to you. Instead have one of One Stop Realty’s agents help you in your search to find those homes that best meet ALL of your needs.

4. Choosing a Real Estate agent who is not committed to forming a strong business relationship with you
At One Stop Realty most of our business is brought to us by referral becasue we build lasting relationships with our clients and generally care about what is best for them.

5. Thinking there is only one perfect house out there
There are thousands of homes available for purchase in the Valley at any given time, because of this it is important that you agent has access to the tools needed to find exactly what you are looking for.

6. Not considering long-term needs
In the purchasing process it is a good idea to pause to consider the unexpected: possible increases in the size of your family, possible relocation for work, future college attendance plans, possibility of a family member needing long term assistance.

7. Not examining insurance issues
Reviewing the past insurance claim history of a house can help reveal what is not apparent to the naked eye. Potential purchasers should always verify the insurability of a home with your homeowners insurance company.

8. Not buying a home protection plan
Home warranties can add additional protection from the unforeseen. Many home warranty plans will cover the replacement if an A/C unit goes out. In the summer in Arizona, you don’t want your A/C to go out and not be prepared

9. Not knowing total costs involved
The title company and your lender can give you estimates of all the closing costs of the transaction.

10. Not following through on due diligence
If you have a question about the property your agent will help you find the answers, they are there to watch out for your best interests don’t be afraid to ask the questions.