Arizona Shortsale Specialists

Arizona Shortsale Specialists

At One Stop Realty we have experienced and professional shortsale negotiators on staff so that our Realtors can focus on meeting the needs of their clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that homeowners should ask and get answered when they are dealing with mortgage difficulties. Since everyone's situation is a little different, often there is not a "one size fits all" answer.  Here are a few questions/answers to help you get started:

Why should I care if the property is a shortsale instead of a foreclosure?
What is a Shortsale?
What if I have several mortgages on the home?
I have a judgment or IRS lien attached to the property?
What if the property has an HOA lien against it?
Can I stay in the home during the shortsale?

At One Stop Realty we do not charge our clients a fee to shortsale their home, or to meet with them to see if a shortsale is best in their individual circumstances. So how do we get paid?  IF a shortsale is best for you and if we are successful at completing a shortsale on your property; then the shortsale lender will pay us a commission just like they would have to pay an agent if they foreclosed and had to sell the property at that point.

Here are some additional questions that may have come to mind...

Does the property have to be the home I live in? What if the property was an investment?
How do I know if I qualify for a shortsale? What is considered a Hardship?
Can I shortsale a Condo, vacant land, multi-dwelling or commerical property?
What if I have Mortgage Insurance on the loan?
I can't afford to pay my mortgage, what does it cost to shortsale?
Are there income tax consequences if I shortsale or if the bank forecloses?
Am I responsible for the difference (can the bank seek a deficiency judgment against me)?

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